Hilton Head Distillery Offers THE First and Only Cloud-Sourced Vodka

Hilton Head Distillery, a state-of-the-art craft distillery in the heart of Hilton Head Island, releases its uniquely crafted spirit, Aermoor Vodka, this month.

Aermoor brings to market a completely new and one-of-a-kind vodka taste, style, and production technique. Each bottle of Aermoor Vodka is handcrafted at Hilton Head Distillery from fresh molasses. It is distilled 49 times and then proofed down with pure alkaline water sourced directly from the clouds and humidity of Hilton Head Island.

The process behind Aermoor’s distilling, created by Hilton Head Distillery’s proprietor Joe Fenten , uses an atmospheric water generator. This exclusive modern technology, combined with pure quality resources and craftsmanship, produces the first and only cloud-sourced vodka.

“The passion and driving force behind Aermoor was to create the purest and smoothest vodka in the world,” said Fenten. “Aermoor Vodka is a product of Hilton Head’s radiant environment and we’ve used the finest water source there is – water sourced directly from the atmosphere. The result is crisp and delicious vodka that will appeal to everyone.”

Aermoor Vodka is made in small, quality produced batches and is available in 750mL bottles. It is incredibly smooth with hints of sweet and soft aromas making Aermoor perfect on its own, over ice, or mixed in cocktails.

Aermoor is now available for purchase throughout South Carolina at select retailers. Sample Aermoor and learn more about the unique atmospheric distilling process at Hilton Head Distillery and tasting room on Hilton Head Island, SC.

For more information on Hilton Head Distillery, tasting room and tours, visit hiltonheaddistillery.com.